Zoomer Chimp Monkey

Zoomer Chimp Monkey

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I believe he is used, doesn't have a box. I found a charger and charged him, he works. (I'll include a charger) I played with him a little, you will need to view videos and download the manual to know about everything he does. He seemed to work fine when I played with him but I don't have a ton of time to lead him through all his tricks. I did get him to follow me and do some commands. 
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Go bananas over your very own interactive Chimp -- Zoomer Chimp! This unpredictable Chimp has a life of his own. Using True Balance Technology Zoomer Chimp moves just like a real Chimp: on all fours, flipping, standing, and rolling all on his own! Through his moving face, light up eyes and awesome Chimp sounds, he lets you know exactly how he's feeling. He senses his surroundings and even follows your movements! Train him with one of his 10 easy-to-remember voice commands; tell him to "flip", "Go Bananas!", and more. Try "Chimp Talk", he'll repeat what you say in his own Chimpy way! Through Progressive Play, the more you train him, the more responses you'll unlock! Zoomer Chimp is your PRIME-mate! 
Zoomer Chimp moves like a REAL chimp! He rolls, flips, move on all fours, and stands all on his own! You can even get him to follow you! 
Train Zoomer Chimp with 10 easy-to-remember voice command, including "Stand", "Flip", "Let's Dance","Chimp Talk", and "Go Banana's"! He's designed with Progressive Play, so he won't always respond the same way! 
Zoomer Chimp has a life of his own -- this interactive Chimp has colour changing eyes, a moving his face, and wild Chimp sounds to show you exactly how he's feeling! 
Zoomer Chimp is for ages 5+ and requires 1 LiPo battery (included). 
Includes: 1 Zoomer Chimp, 1 Charging Cable 
Articulation: No articulation 
Material: plastic 
Dimensions: 10 inches H x 8 inches W x 14 inches L 
Weight: 2.1 pounds 
Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up 
, 3 , AAA alkaline 
Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean 
Warranty Description: No applicable warranty 
TCIN: 50500318 
UPC: 778988214428 
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